Conscious CareTM

Lower the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and reduce the total cost of ownership for your KOHLER generators. Our Conscious CareTM program simplifies maintenance operations using more environmentally-friendly procedures that significantly reduce fuel use and costs over the long term.

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When less is more

Conscious Care maintenance program for KD SeriesTM generators

Want to reduce your fuel consumption and carbon footprint without compromising reliability and your peace of mind?

The Conscious Care maintenance program enables operators to exercise back-up generators at no load and extend the required interval to every four months. Driving down fuel and load bank expenses, while reducing sound and air pollutions, and overall greenhouse gas emissions. When it comes to making sustainable changes, sometimes less really is more.

Watch our video to learn how to optimize your maintenance program, making it smarter, cleaner and more cost-efficient.

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Our ecosystem of sustainable technologies

Kohler has developed a suite of systems and technologies – from renewable fuels to advanced maintenance techniques – that reduce emissions at every stage of the lifecycle.

Download our infographic to see how these innovative strategies support more sustainable power on the route to Net Zero by 2050.

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a step-by-step guide to Conscious Care for mission-critical backup power.


Overcoming the problem of wet stacking: Explaining the feasibility and benefits of no-load exercising for resilient energy solutions.

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Kohler launches Conscious Care advanced generator maintenance program to support reliable backup power.


Mission-critical power made easier. Ensuring resiliency while saving money and reducing emissions through more intelligent maintenance.

Kohler Uncut Podcast

Kohler’s experts explain the technology behind Conscious Care and how it can lead to more simplified and streamlined onsite maintenance activities. Listen here to find out more.

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